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Eight Limbs of ‘Ashtangyog’

A physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline, Yoga controls an individual’s body, mind and soul through asanas, breathing techniques, meditation and shuddhikriyas (cleansing techniques) .We aim to help a person achieve a state of unity and healing through yoga.

Practice of yoga helps to develop a greater understanding of yourself and the real purpose of life which provides relief from the hustle of modern life. Yoga also helps one be more flexible, and tackles mental health issues like anxiety, depression and stress.

Yoga is practice to create a balance between the body & mind to attain self-enlightenment. According to the “Ved,” Yoga has been a part of Indian history since around 4500-5000 years. The great sage “Patanjali” has described Yoga as ‘Ashtang Yog’ i.e., Eight Limbs or Eight Paths. According to ‘Patanjali’ to achieve the stage of “Kaivalya” (i.e., the state of solitude), every individual should follow “Ashtangyog”.

Yoga Class for Beginners:

This is a three-week introductory yoga program for people of all ages and professions. This course tackles all the basics of the asanas and pranayama. Benefits of starting yoga from beginning are as follows:

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Pranayam Class:

This scientific yogic breathing technique helps to control and regulate breathing rate which in turn helps manage your emotions and thoughts, leading to a peaceful life. Any age group can join this course. Breathing practice sessions are done considering all health issues of the participant. Benefits of practising Pranayam are as follows:

Yoga for Children:

To enhance physical, psychological & intellectual development of children and students, we offer vacation-term yoga classes which can be inculcated in routine activities as well as education & curricular activities.

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Prenatal Yoga:

To get maximum physical and psychological benefits to a mother as well as the baby, we teach yoga with the help of various props that relieves lower back pain and improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood which leads to proper infant growth. All asanas involved are designed to support healthy pregnancies & post-pregnancies. Some yoga poses will help to increase strength, and breathing practices can help keep the blood pressure at a normal level.

Remedial Yoga Classes

To help people recover from injuries or cope with specific health conditions, these remedial or therapeutic yoga workshops are organized under the guidance of medical experts. Such Yoga can deal with a number of acute as well as chronic ailments.

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Advanced Yoga Classes:

Advanced Yoga Classes are for students who have mastered basic yoga practices, and want to work more on their flexibility. This course caters to experienced members and involves intensive training to improve bodily functions.